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Antlion Resources on the World Wide Web

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General information and photos

Antlion taxonomy and distribution

Professional organizations and resources

  • Journal of Neuropterology (International Association for Neuropterology, Departamento de Biología, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, SPAIN). A new Neuropteran journal (as of 1998) edited by Victor J. Monserrat. Update 2016: The Journal appears to be no longer published.
  • (International Association for Neuropterology (IAN)). Web portal that supports the study of insects in the Neuropterida group (i.e., Megaloptera, Raphidioptera, and Neuroptera). maintains an online forum where readers can exchange information related to insects in the Orders Neuroptera (e.g. lacewings, alder flies, snake flies, mantis flies, antlions) and Mecoptera (e.g. scorpion flies, hang flies). An e-mail account is required to subscribe. Update 2016: The Association appears to be inactive.
  • NeuroWeb: The Neuropterists' Home Page (Dept. of Entomology, Texas A&M Univ., USA). Links to bibliographies, professional newsletters, other websites and resources. Update 2016: The website appears to be no longer published.

Antlion scholars

  • Nicholas J. Gotelli (Assistant Professor of Biology, Univ. of Vermont, USA). Research interests include organization of animal and plant communities, in particular antlion competition and predation.
  • Mervyn W. Mansell (Professor, Department of Zoology & Entomology, University of Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA). Dr. Mansell has been studying Afrotropical antlions and other lacewings, especially systematics and biology, for over 20 years. He created the website The Antlions and Lacewings (Neuroptera) of South Africa.
  • John D. Oswald (Assistant Professor, Department of Entomology, Texas A&M University, USA). Dr. Oswald created the NeuroWeb website (no longer available) and the Bibliography of the Neuropterida. Research interests include the higher phylogeny of the superfamily Myrmeleontoidea.
  • Lionel A. Stange (Emeritus Entomologist and Curator of Neuroptera, Museum of Entomology & Florida State Collection of Arthropods (Gainesville), USA). One of the world's leading antlion experts, Dr. Stange is author of A Systematic Catalog, Bibliography and Classification of World Antlions (2004), a major revision of the taxonomy of antlions of the Western Hemisphere.

Teacher resources

Related sites

  • California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, USA). Renowned scientific and educational institution dedicated to exploring, explaining, and sustaining life on Earth.
  • The Conservaton Ethics Group. Mission: "enabling the wise handling of the ethical dimensions of conservation, natural resource management, and sustainability through services, education, and outreach."
  • Gillette Entomology Club (Colorado State University, USA). "Serves to provide open avenues for interdisciplinary communication, education, and enthusiasm among all people interested in insects and their relatives."
  • (Dexter Sear, USA). This elegantly-designed insect reference site is also home to the Cultural Entomology Digest, the definitive resource for studying the influence of insects on human culture as seen in myth, psychology and art.
  • Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) (San Francisco, USA). Part of the international Pesticide Action Network (PAN), a network of over 600 nongovernmental organizations, institutions and individuals in over 60 countries working to replace hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound alternatives.
  • Tree of Life (University of Arizona, USA). "An Internet project designed to contain information about the phylogenetic relationships and characteristics of organisms, to illustrate the diversity and unity of living organisms, and to link biological information available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator." See how the antlion order Neuroptera fits into this phylogeny.

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