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What's New?

9 March 2016
After a hiatus of nearly five years, The Antlion Pit Store has restored its affiliation with

18 November 2008
The Antlion Pit Store (an Associate) has been redesigned, updated and expanded. It now features over 450 titles in over 50 subjects, including these additions: Climate Change and Global Warming; Renewable Energy, Conservation and Sustainability; Resources and the Global Economy; and Vegetarian/Vegan Living. Your purchases will help support The Antlion Pit. Thanks for shopping!

29 March 2006
In its episode "Cats, Pigs, Bees, and Moths," the US cable television program Animal Planet Report (on the Discovery Channel) features an excerpt from The Antlion Pit's companion DVD Antlion Safari. The episode will be shown several times between 29 March and 1 April 2006.

8 August 2005
Several new antlion photographs have been added to the pages within the About Antlions area of the site.

21 June 2005
Antlion Safari DVDThe Antlion Pit announces the release of Antlion Safari, a DVD companion to this Web site. Produced by Mark Swanson [the editor of The Antlion Pit], the DVD explores the habitat, behavior, and life cycle of pit-digging antlions through documentary footage, time-lapse sequences, and close-up photography. The DVD includes expanded versions of all the antlion videos featured on this site, plus a five-minute documentary excerpt of the "Antlion Safari" led by Wendy Smith, naturalist at the Indiana Dunes State Park. Update 2016: The DVD is no longer available.

2 November 2003
Three new antlion videos have been added to The Antlion Pit: "Digging the Pit" (new version), "Three Antlion Pits" (Time-lapse version), and "Sucking Out the Prey's Juices." In addition to these new videos, larger versions of all The Antlion Pit's videos have been provided for those users with high-speed Internet connections. For easier access, all eight of The Antlion Pit's videos now have been gathered onto an Antlion Videos page.

1 September 2002
Introducing. . . the Doodlebug OracleSM. An exclusive feature of the Antlion Pit, the Doodlebug Oracle helps find the answers to dozens of randomly-generated questions about antlions.

7 January 2002
Three sections have been greatly expanded or rewritten:

15 May 2001
Antlion folklore from Antigua and Barbuda.

17 February 2001
"Ant Lion Tango"—a poem by Bronwyn Mills.

24 December 2000
A Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ) page has been added to answer the most common questions visitors to The Antlion Pit might have.

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