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Many people around the world have contributed personal anecdotes, folklore, park information, photographs and other content to the Antlion Pit:

Martin Adams
Wanda Adcock
Bob Allen
Fred C. Arnold
Sudie Barker
Michael Bartschi
Aura Beckhöfer-Fialho
Pék Béla
Calum Bennie
Vernon Berger
Kat Bergeron
Lance T. Biechele
Patrick Bremer
Bryan Booker
Henry Bradford
Ian J. Brodie
Luther G. Brossa
Alice Bryson
Burl Burlingame
Brian Capano
Diane Walenga Carr
E.C. Morris Chinetti
Matt Conrad
Steve Coon
Vincent Crampton
Rod Crawford
Kent & Tonya Davis
Jocelyn Dawn
Brad Dickey
Ilya Dines
Dong-Hwan Choe
Eric Eaton
Heidi Edelmuller
Phil Eklund
Arthur Evans
Emil R. Fiore
Richard Fleming
Bob Frenchu
Gao Yongwei
Lynn Maxwell Gascoyne
A.J. Gerber
Awang Goneng
Nancy Greene
Sean Griffin
Rob Harper
Terry Harrison
Ana Hermida
Andreas Iacovides
Muhammad Iqbal
Pawel Jaloszynski
Julia Jewett
Eric Jones
Antti Karttunen
Raleigh Kearney
Richard Keatinge
Sam Kieschnick
Charmini Kodituwakku
May Lenzer
Rafi Levi
Ron Lyons
Peter Macinnis
Mervyn Mansell
Ed Marbach
Cy Martin
Daniel Mathews
Peter McEwen
Sandy McKellar
J. Messer
John R. Meyer
Bronwyn Mills
Stan Mills
Hidetaka Mizohata
Lynn Mohammad
Beatriz Moisset
Karen Newbern
Teresa Norris
Yann Thierry Oehl
Rich Olson
Eric Ormsby
John D. Oswald
Buddy Pedigo
Lisa Pellegrin
Chris Petry
Chris Phoon
Cristiano Pires
James Plumley
Michael Puttré
Ray Rasmussen
Anthony Richards
Kevin Riggle
Chace Parker Roach
Libby Sarazen
Rex Shepherd
Hany Sheta
Mark Simons
Wendy Smith
Angel Solís
Lionel Stange
Julie Stratton
Chip Taylor
Levana Taylor
Bill Thayer
Todd Thomas
Norm Trigoboff
Paul R. Tupaczewski
Bijoy Venugopal
Wang Weiwei
Evan Werkema
Andreas M. Yasseri

For their support and valuable feedback, thanks to: Anna Maria Ciarallo, Denise Conanan, Donna Fritzsche, Chris Hinch, Brad Larrabee, Patrick Lohier, James F. Mahaffy, Colin Plant, Mark Simons, and the University of Florida (especially Thomas R. Fasulo and Alison Neeley).

Many antlions unwittingly posed for photographs or videos used in this website. The larva at the right, featured throughout the site as the "go home" icon, was photographed in the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA). It is a "classic" pit-building "doodlebug" (Myrmeleon sp.).

Tools and techniques


Antlion Pit was developed on Macintosh computers. Antlion images and movies were created from original digitized photographs and videos, and edited with Adobe's Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects software. Animations were built with Yves Piguet's GifBuilder software. Technique and design references included Designing Web Graphics by Lynda Weinman, Creating Killer websites by David S. Siegel, and Designing with JavaScript by Nick Heinle.

Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Made on a Mac Badge is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., used with permission.

Site visitors

Thanks is due to The Antlion Pit's users, particularly the many educators who have used the site in their school curricula, and the other webmasters who have created links to the site. Over one million people from more than 200 countries have visited The Antlion Pit since its debut in December 1996. See a list of the countries and Internet domains that have accessed The Antlion Pit.

About the editor

The Antlion Pit's
creator and editor is Mark Swanson. Swanson grew up in southern Florida (USA) where he spent many childhood hours observing antlions and other creatures. While Swanson studied biology in college, his undergraduate and graduate degrees are in the liberal arts. Swanson lived in the Chicago area for over 30 years and now resides in Asheville, North Carolina, where he works as an instructional designer and new media producer. He also is an avid nature photographer. Visit his company site Swanson Media.

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