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Animals in Culture

Animals play an important role in human culture, including art, music, literature, myth and our dreams.

Recommended titles:

Antlions and Other Neuroptera

There are many books specifically about antlions and other neuroptera, both for young readers as well as professional entomologists.

Recommended titles:

Antlions in Literature

Many writers have incorporated antlions into their work, including natural history, fiction and poetry.

Recommended titles (in chronological order):

Doodlebugs That Aren't Bugs

The word "doodlebug" is a nickname not just for the pit-digging insect, but also many other objects, including the V-1 flying bomb Germany used in World War II and type of railroad motorcar in the U.S.

Recommended titles:

Ecology and the Environment

Human activity affects the environment in ways that negatively impact the ecological systems on which all creatures depend. And only humans can reverse these impacts to ensure the well-being of Earth and its inhabitants.

Recommended titles:

Folklore, Mythology and Religion

Recommended titles:

Human Treatment of Animals

Human treatment of animals is fraught with moral inconsistency. Humans use (and abuse) other animals for their own desires, selectively ignoring animals' interests in living a harm-free life. For example, most people are outraged by cruelty to dogs and cats yet fail to muster similar outrage at the much more prevalent cruelty to cows, pigs and chickens on factory farms—despite the fact that meat isn't necessary for human diets. As a result, this speciesism (a bias that regards non-human animals as morally inferior to humans) underpins a vast social injustice that results in the unnecessary slaughter of millions of sentient creatures each year.

The Antlion Pit editor has gathered together the best books and videos on the philosophy of animal rights and welfare, meat production and culture, and vegan/vegetarian living.

Recommended titles:

Insects, Spiders and Other Arthropods

Our selections include field guides, natural histories and textbooks about insects, spiders and other arthropods.

Recommended titles:

Native American Studies

Recommended titles:

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