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Personally-identifying information

The only personally-identifying information collected by The Antlion Pit website is that information submitted voluntarily by its readers through direct e-mail or by using the comment/contribution form on the Contact page. The comment/contribution form requires users to submit their name and e-mail address. Because The Antlion Pit solicits content contributions from readers, a name is needed to give proper credit for the contribution. An e-mail address enables the editor to acknowledge the contribution and, if necessary, to verify the accuracy of the content. E-mail addresses are kept strictly private and are never shared with third parties.

Unless anonymity is requested, The Antlion Pit publishes the names of readers whose content contributions are accepted for publication. A contributor's city and country of residence might also be included if an antlion anecdote is published. Content contributors' names will typically appear on both the Credits page and the specific page(s) for which the content was contributed. Contributors who do not wish their names to appear in the site may request anonymity either through the Contact page or by direct

Statistical data

The Antlion Pit gathers statistical data about the site's use through third-party web tracking services, including Google Analtyics. These services use "cookies" to track information such as the number of users, number of files downloaded, specific pages accessed, referring URLs, users' computer operating systems (e.g., Windows or Macintosh), monitor resolution, and browser types. The Antlion Pit's editor uses this data to assess interest in specific content areas and to aid website design decisions. The data gathered is anonymous; no personally-identifying information about users is recorded in these statistics. You can opt out of the Google Analytics cookie by adding the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Personalized advertisements

We use Google AdSense and advertising services to display personalized advertisements. These services use a cookie to customize the ads based on your Web browsing history. No personally identifying information is collected. You can opt out of either service by clicking the "AdChoices" button at the top of the ad and changing your ad preferences on the subsequent page. The Google Privacy & Terms web page describes more options for managing Google ads.

About AntlionsEducational ResourcesAntlions in CultureBestiary: Creatures of Myth and Psyche

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