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Antlion Taxonomy

High-level classification

Class Insecta (Insects)
 Subclass Myrientomata
 Section Pterygota (Winged Insects)
 Division Neoptilota
 Subdivision Endopterygota
 Superorder Neuropteroidea
 Order Neuroptera
 Suborder Planipennia
 Family Myrmeleontidae (Antlions)

Subfamilies and Tribes of Family Myrmeleontidae (Antlions)

  • Subfamily Stilbopteryginae (two genera)

  • Subfamily Palparinae
    • Tribe Palparidiini (one genus)
    • Tribe Palparini (12 genera)
    • Tribe Dimarini (three genera)
    • Tribe Maulini (two genera)

  • Subfamily Myrmeleontinae
    • Tribe Dendroleontini
      • Subtribe Acanthoplectrina (one genus)
      • Subtribe Dendroleontina (19 genera)
      • Subtribe Nuglerina (one genus)
      • Subtribe Periclystina (12 genera)
      • Subtribe Voltorina (one genus)
    • Tribe Nemoleontini
      • Subtribe Dimarellina (two genera)
      • Subtribe Nemoleontina (seven genera)
      • Subtribe Neuroleontina (49 genera)
    • Tribe Obini
    • Tribe Myrmecaelurini
      • Subtribe Brachynemurina (12 genera)
      • Subtribe Gnopholeontina (four genera)
      • Subtribe Lemoleontina (six genera)
      • Subtribe Nannoleontina (one genus)
      • Subtribe Myrmecaelurina (13 genera)
      • Subtribe Nesoleontina (three genera)
    • Tribe Myrmeleontini (nine genera, including Myrmeleon, the largest genus of antlions with 158 described species distributed in all regions).
    • Tribe Acanthaclisini (16 genera)


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