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Antlion Films, Videos, and Photographs

Documentary and educational films/videos/DVDs

  • Antlion Safari (USA, 2005)
    Antlion Safari DVDProduced and directed by Mark Swanson (editor of this Web site), this educational DVD explores the habitat, behavior, and life cycle of pit-digging antlions through documentary footage, time-lapse sequences, and close-up photography. An excerpt from this DVD was featured on the television program Animal Planet Report on the Animal Planet cable channel in spring 2006. 1 hr, 26 mins (includes a 15-minute core program ideal for classroom screening). Published by Swanson Media.
  • Un bandit de grands chemins: la larve de fourmi-lion [A Highway Bandit: The Antlion Larva] (France, 1912)
    Produced by Pathé Frères, Paris (s.a. Thepa). 11 mins. Also released in German as Der Ameisenlöwe (The Antlion), from the series "Wissenschaft und Natur: Leben der Insekten" ("Science and Nature: The Life of Insects"). Perhaps the first film ever made about antlions. Availability unknown.
  • Euroleon nostras (Myrmeleonidae) (Germany, 2005)
    Short film documents antlion pit digging, prey capture, and adult emergence. Produced by Hasso Kuczka, Norbert Kaschek, Klaus Kohlhage, and Jürgen Weiss. 15 mins. More information available from filmarchives online (Deutsches Filminstitut, Germany). This video is a compilation of two previously-released films, available separately:
    • Euroleon nostras (Myrmeleonidae)—Schlüpfen der Imago [Euroleon nostras (Myrmeleonidae)—Adult Eclosion]
    • Euroleon nostras (Myrmeleonidae)—Trichterbau und Beuteerwerb [Euroleon nostras (Myrmeleonidae)—Pit Construction and Capture of Prey]
  • Hidden Worlds: "Sand Between the Toes" (USA, 1996)
    A nature program produced for the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). This episode looks at sand and the creatures that live in or on it, from doodlebugs to legless skinks to camels.
  • Hormiga León [Antlion] (Uruguay, 1952)
    Short film about antlion larvae predation behavior. Produced by Rodolfo V. Talice, Universidad Montevideo, Instituto de Cinematografía. 12 1/2 mins. In Spanish. More information available from filmarchives online (Deutsches Filminstitut, Germany).
  • Kratts' Creatures "Ultimate Animals: Big Five, Little Five" (USA, 1996) (paid link)
    The premiere episode of Kratts' Creatures, a children's nature program originally broadcast on PBS, featured several South African animals, including antlions. Created by Martin Kratt, Chris Kratt and Leo Eaton. Produced by Paragon Entertainment Corporation in association with Maryland Public Television and The Earth Creatures Company. Available only on VHS tape.
  • Lebensweise von Ameisenlöwe und Ameisenjungfer (Euroleon nostras) [Habits of the Ant Lion Euroleon nostras] (Germany, 1991)
    Short film about antlion behavior from larva to adult phase. In German. Produced by Norbert Kaschek and Klaus Kohlhage. 19 1/2 mins. More information available from filmarchives online (Deutsches Filminstitut, Germany).
  • Lions of the African Night (USA, 1987) (paid link)
    Includes a section on African antlions. Written, produced and photographed by David and Carol Hughes. Edited by Barry Nye. Music by Mike Trim, Helen Hurden. Narrated by Richard Kiley. Produced by the National Geographic Society and WQED/Pittsburgh. 60 mins. Available on DVD.
  • Myrmeleon (Serbia, 1993)
    Directed by Peter Lalovic. Produced by Denavue Film. Winner of the "Special Award from the Jury" at the 1993 Japan Wildlife Film Festival. Availability unknown.


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